The hotel Miramare is one of Positano’s historical and traditional hotel.
Whit quiet charm the hotel miramare, tells valuable pages of positano’s tourist history.

It was created in the’30s, by the eccentric and charismatic Carlino Cinque who rented one house to tourist with the hope of turning it into a hotel.
His grandchildren are now successfully managing this historic hotel The Miramare began his rise in the golden age of the’50s and’60s.

storia - historyThere are many aristocratic families from the capital of Campania and foreign guests as well.
During the years of war, the hotel is converted into a rest facility for allied officers who will build the reputation of the Miramare, confirmed by the arrival of many of Lord and lady.

Carlino realizes the true potential and “rent” several nearby houses.

First with Carlino, Carmela and Vito, and today with Attanasio brothers, guests are friends, and not clients,
The real luck in the Miramare comes, therefore, from the idea of conceiving it as an home more than a hotel. The magic has remained intact: indeed, if possible, it has been enriched.

storia - history storia - history